While we have heard much of the challenges faced by members of the community during COVID-19, there is also lots to be said for the spirit of community and looking out for one another that has emerged. During this time it is more important than ever to consider how we can be and create small blessings for others, who might be in need. We encourage all people to continue to look for new ways to support their community as together we work to see this pandemic through.

During COVID-19 the dedication of health care workers and all essential workers has impressed many members of the community. Jane a Nurse from Xavier Children’s Support Network shares just some of the small blessings submitted, which express gratitude to our essential workers.

Can you offer a helping hand

We are all called, especially during difficult times, to think of how can we help others. We encourage you to take a moment to consider something small you could do to make a big difference in another’s life.

Teachers everywhere have demonstrated incredible commitment to supporting their community and ensuring all children continue to access quality education experiences. The girls from Our Lady’s College wanted to take a moment to thank their teachers for their commitment.

Reaching out with freshly-cooked meals

Taking care of one another is a great way to make a positive contribution in difficult times. Marina, a Centacare Brisbane Service Delivery Manager is creating small blessings for hundreds of vulnerable aged care clients. Marina and her team are working long hours to prepare hot, fresh meals and deliver them to the homes of people who are too frail or too frightened to queue for food in supermarkets. Read more here.

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