Feeling and being connected to others is fundamentally important to a person’s wellbeing. As a result of the social distancing measures implemented to help slow the spread of COVID-19, we have seen a growing risk of social isolation, particularly for vulnerable members of our community. Finding new ways to maintain connection and keep people engaged during this time is critical and everyone has a role to play.

Don’t forget to touch base

Do you know someone who lives alone or might be at risk of social isolation? Consider taking a moment once a week to give them a quick call to make sure they are okay and share your experiences. A few moments of connection can make a big difference.

How are you coping with social distancing? Mental Health commentators are forecasting an increase in anxiety during this time. Mindfulness can be a way to treat anxiety and support positive wellbeing. If you are feeling overwhelmed this 5 minute guided mindfulness experience might assist you.

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