Even in difficult times we can be grateful for the small blessings given and received. Across the Archdiocese of Brisbane many people are giving and receiving incredible small blessings and on this page we invite you to explore just some of the blessings shared with us.

Small blessings from schools students

Students from Iona College have joined in the Small Blessings campaign reflecting on the random acts of kindness they have seen recently and those things which they are grateful for. Brayden Teece, Head of Primary at Iona, shares some of the students blessings with us.

For Janice, the dedication of health care workers is a huge blessing. Throughout her life quick thinking health workers and the latest medical knowledge have kept her alive and today they support her to enjoy an independent life. Janice has said, “I am amazed and grateful for the countless blessings that helped take me through the losses, even trauma, we all experience. Overcoming hardships means reaching out for support and enjoying the wonder that does surround us. Most importantly, gratitude always helps lift our spirits.”

Fr Pat Dowd a retired priest of the Archdiocese shares with us some of the small blessings which have been shared by members of our community.
Dominic Jayasuriya, a Seminarian at Holy Spirit Seminary, shares small blessings submitted by members of our community.

The blessing of family

While people are sharing the many small blessing they have given and received, many others have also reflected on the rather large blessing that family is. It seems that for many a silver lining of COVID-19 has been the opportunity to spend more time with family, in particular young children. Read more here.

Semester One 2020 has been like no other for school students across Queensland. As the end of semester approached the grade five students at All Hallows school took the time to reflect on the small blessings they experienced this term.

Share your small blessings here.

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