For many people their faith is a blessing, however, during COVID-19 practicing faith in traditional ways has been challenging. The Archdiocese, its parishes and communities have been creating new and exciting ways for people to continue practicing and connecting with their faith. As Archbishop Mark has said, ‘if our doors are closed, let our hearts be open’. We will continue to look for ways to support people and nurture their faith during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Weekly reflection

Enjoy a weekly reflection, from different members of the Catholic Community, sharing their thoughts on the Sunday’s Gospel and how its message can guide and inspire us all during these challenging times. View here.

Two-Minute Homily

Each week priests from across the Archdiocese of Brisbane reflect on the Sunday’s Gospel readings. Watch this week’s here.

Live stream Mass

Join us for Mass online while churches are closed, to give thanks for small blessings. View Mass here.

With churches closed, many parishioners have felt blest that their parishes have found alternative ways to engage. Seminarian, Brian Redondo shares some of these blessings here.

Latest news

Step out of the Boat

So often when we come across the Walking on Water story, we zoom in on Peter, his incredible first step out of the boat before his sinking fear...

Hidden treasure

Today’s Gospel reading from Matthew sees Jesus teaching us about the kingdom of God through three small parables – the parable of the hidden...

Freedom to Grow

Today’s Gospel provides a two-fold message for us. Firstly, what are the weeds in my life? Perhaps, in a time of physical distancing, both...

Share your small blessings here.

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