Christ in the least of us

Today’s Gospel speaks to our human nature as social beings and calls us to recognise and acknowledge each other as a temple of the Holy Spirit and a true dwelling place of Christ.

This is not a foreign concept to most people, as we are all told from a young age the golden rule, “treat others how we want to be treated”. This Gospel goes deeper than how we treat the people in our lives. It challenges us to go a step even further in seeing Christ in the least of us and treating every single person we encounter with the respect, dignity, compassion and love that we would show to Jesus Himself. 

That is no small task as Jesus says, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

It is difficult when we are not face to face with Jesus responding to His needs. Though we are still called to service in a very unique way through using our God given gifts, talents and passions for the love of others. If not for them, for the Christ living within them.

The challenge here for most might not be seeing someone who is hungry and giving them something to eat, as this is an obvious need that can be addressed and solved almost immediately.  The challenge may be when there is someone who we find frustrating and struggle to see Christ in them.  This can be in places at home, at work, at the shops and even on social media.  This is where we are called by God to see Jesus in others and treat them the way we would Him. Jesus offers a unique stance in this Gospel passage, where He puts our needs as equal to His own to the most extreme measure.

He cares for our needs just as much as His own, which is such a blessing but equally a responsibility.

This requires us to understand that each and every action has an immediate and direct impact on Jesus.

So I ask, what can we do to consciously recognise the presence of Christ in someone today?

Liam is reflecting on this Sunday’s Gospel Matthew 25:14-30

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