Do not be afraid. But, how?

When I drive or ride my sons to school, I like to ask them two questions, ‘What are you looking forward to today?’ and ‘What is something you are grateful for?’. This quick conversation sets a very positive tone to their day while carrying a much deeper purpose – it helps create a greater sense of hopefulness which leads to resilience and courage.

Although our morning discussion is quite different to the pep talk Jesus gave the 12 newly appointed disciples as He sent them out to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven, the end goal is very similar.

Knowing that the immersion mission the disciples were about to embark on would be an ultimate test of spirit and strength, Jesus used His message to prepare them well.

Firstly, to build their resilience He instilled a deep understanding that even though those they encounter may harm and judge them, no other being or event can ever take away their spirit.

Then, to provide a greater sense of hope He provided them with the comfort of knowing that they will never be alone because He will always be in their corner praying for them.

And, for courage, Jesus told them 3 times, ‘do not be afraid’.

This same message lives on for us today as Jesus is urging us to embody a sense of resilience, hopefulness and courage, so that we too will ‘not be afraid’. But, is this easier said than done, especially during this climate? Absolutely! Thankfully though, there are a number of things we can do to help us get there.

During these changing times, many of us, including myself, have struggled emotionally on a whole new level and over a much longer period of time than before. And, there is good reason for this because a great deal of personal suffering and grieving can come from the loss of significant external factors such as a job, a business, or connection with loved ones.

Through all this though, and just as Jesus said to his disciples, remember that deep within your being, there is a resolve that fundamentally cannot and will not be defeated.

Yes, you might be greatly tested by many things at the moment and you might need time to process, to rest, grieve and adjust, however, be not afraid. Seek comfort knowing that because Jesus is in your corner praying for you, there is undeniable hope that it will all be okay in the end. Yes, it might turn out differently to how you had imagined, but it will be okay because God is with you.

Seek comfort knowing that because Jesus is in your corner praying for you, there is undeniable hope that it will all be okay in the end.

To move forward with a sense of resilience and courage, use these four research proven methods for building hopefulness:

  • Have something bigger than yourself to believe in. This means, allowing more time in prayer and to reconnect with your faith in God. And, realign yourself with a mission or vision you are working towards.
  • Invest in your positive relationships. Give more time to the important people in your life and deepen these connections.
  • Spend time in gratitude each day.
  • Have something to look forward to. This helps to put those difficult, challenging moments into a greater sense of perspective.

Remember, Jesus is in your corner giving you a pep talk to ‘not be afraid’.

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