Freedom to Grow

Today’s Gospel provides a two-fold message for us. Firstly, what are the weeds in my life? Perhaps, in a time of physical distancing, both positive and negative habits have grown steadily beside each other. This may have manifested even simply in a real love of comfort. I know for myself; I became accustomed to my various Zoom calls, books and guitar playing from the warmth of my room.  

These are all good things but I am fairly certain, as we see through the lives of Christ and the saints, that we were not made for comfort. This uncomfortable truth we must hear: “Whoever has ears, let them hear”. We are made for “life in its fullness”. It is fruits, habits, deeds that are “of God” which bring light and joy. 

There is another meaning to this Gospel. Notice, in the parable, the harvesters are instructed to allow the weeds to grow with the wheat until they are ready to be harvested. This could reveal how, in our lives, we have little control over others’ actions, but we are invited to press on, growing as the wheat does. Perhaps in your workplace, school, university or home environment, there is a situation or relationship that can often make things difficult for you. In these spaces, it can be particularly difficult to find God. To find the joy of the Gospel. Fr Jacque Philippe in his book Interior Freedom offers an abundance of insights on this matter. He discusses, like in this Gospel, the invitation to not allow the uncontrollable actions of others lead us to the shackles of resentment.  

We must grow towards Christ alongside various weeds that grow with us, pruning within ourselves what we can.

Aware that it is only ourselves that we have control over. This is certainly not easy! Something that I am constantly journeying with. But we press on! Straining after what is good. Knowing that He will complete what He has begun. 

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