Hidden treasure

Today’s Gospel reading from Matthew sees Jesus teaching us about the kingdom of God through three small parables – the parable of the hidden treasure, the pearl of great price, and the parable of the net. These parables together teach us that the kingdom of God is not some distant transcendent realm but rather is that reality, which once encountered, becomes for us the focus and the priority in our life.

In the joy of this encounter, those interior faults, failings, and shortfalls, which separate us from the fullness of God’s kingdom, will be separated from us.  For perhaps the gospel speaks not of a visible architecture, a kingdom of bricks and mortar, the small blessing of this gospel is to recognise that even in the vividness of His imagery, Christ proclaims to us and to all, that the kingdom of God is within you.

All of us are like those that Christ speaks of as being like the owners of a house. Our house is that interior place where dwells the Holy Spirit. The treasures which come out of our storeroom are the fruits of our relationship and the encounter that we have with the Risen One.  The small blessings which pour out of our converted hearts and into the world, the visible instruments of the kingdom of God being built now within our house and in the hearts of all those we encounter.

Perhaps too, we can think of the storeroom as the Church itself. Again, not a church of bricks and mortar but the dynamic living reality of the kingdom of God in the world. And Christ as the owner of the house, for it’s His church and not ours, brings forth from it new treasures of passion, enthusiasm, and dynamism for the new missionary evangelisation.

The old treasures are the long and proud traditions, with wisdom, insight and a seasoned awareness of the true blessing, that the Church is still in the world.

For as these small blessings flow out of our hearts and into the world, we become ever more, that which we are called to be by Christ, with Him in the kingdom of God. And it is through these small blessings that we play our part in the continuing construction of His kingdom.

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