Small Blessings at All Hallows School

When Tina Pond a grade five teacher at All Hallows School saw the Small Blessings campaign, in an email from her own children’s school, she was inspired.

“My children attend Guardian Angels School at Wynnum and the APRE, Mrs Hannah Goodwin, shared this campaign with families to encourage them to share their messages of hope and positivity during these challenging times,” Tina explained.

After discussing the campaign with her own children and together reflecting on what they were grateful for, she decided to take the campaign into the classroom. 

“Our students here at All Hallows are very fortunate and have a world of opportunities available to them.  There is a section in our student diary each week where the girls are encouraged to share three things that they are grateful for.”

While recognising all the good and positive aspects of their lives, no matter how large or small, is already a regular part of the girls’ week, Tina saw the Small Blessings campaign as an opportunity for the students to share their gratitude with the wider community.

Not only did the students reflect on their own small blessings but seeing the blessings other people has submitted prompted important discussions about the many things people in different circumstances, young and old, have to be grateful for.  

Small Blessings at All Hallows School

“The students shared blessings that had been important for their families while they were learning at home and during their return to school.  The most common blessing shared, was about the importance of the relationships and connections that they have here at school with their peers and teachers.  They definitely see it as a small blessing to be back in the classroom together!”

Tina shared her students’ submissions:

“I am grateful that I can see all my friends and teachers and they are all healthy.”


“I feel blessed to have great friends who are loving and supporting especially during this time of COVID-19.”


“I feel blessed that I can be in the presence of my friends, family and teachers.”


The students also shared their gratitude for the work of community members, especially those on the front line, with blessings such as that shared by Eloise, “I am thankful for the nurses and doctors  who have helped stop the spread of COVID-19, they are putting their lives on the line for others. Thank you!”

You can share your own small blessing with the community here.

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